Whats wrong with me? I have no succsess in the dating app?

How do i know whats wrong with me?

I mean any contact with guys i have in the dating scene either ends becaus
-They only want sex
- no chemistry
- They are weird
- It never evolves into anything more then just seeing eacother

The longest i haveen been seeing a guy was 3 months or so.. And it doesn't help that on top of that i meet a lot of jerks only wanting to hook up.. i mean, do i look like a slut? if i do PLEASE tell me- On top of that im on a dating app, very low/non success there either..

the headline was supose to read "Whats wrong with me= I have no succsess in the dating WORLD"


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  • Dating is actually communicating with opposite sex, right?

    I think doing it with an app is not good, you should meet someone outdoors. In a bar or something.

    It's not a sociable thing to type inside your home or something, and await success. Anyman can write anything with that.

    Do the real thing, not an artificial typing in order to date people.

    • I ment to write "world" not "app" in the headline lol 99% of the dates and guys I have en been involved with was irl. . I have only been on 3 dating app dates..

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  • Im right here anon babez. Look no further! 🌹


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