Why is he avoiding me?

In my old university, there was a guy who my friend used to have a huge crush on. She flirted with him but he wasn't responsive ( apprently he is shy), anyways, a month afterwards she and other friends found out he liked me (they overheard him and his friends twice). I really wasn't interseted because I didn't want to break my friendship for 1 and I didn't really notice him before anyways.
But now that I changed to another university, one year later without seeing him, I surprisly see him in my new university as-well. I see him staring at me but he's completly avoiding me? Why is he acting this way?


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    Okay here's the part where I try to be helpful and Insightful. Maybe he knew that you knew that he likes you. You weren't interested and maybe he found out and now he thinks he doesn't have a chance with you. If you like him then I think you should make the first move.

    • HAHAHHAHAHA OMG one day, you'll kill me with your funny answers XD
      Thanks for the insight :p

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    • thanks for the mho :D

    • No problemo Amigo ;)

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  • he might be confused if he should talk to you or not..


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  • Do you like him? lol :p
    he just doesn't want to deal with the awkwardness, your friend used to like him! and now he likes you!

    maybe he thinks you will turn him down?

    So he will just admire your beauty from afar lol!

  • Simple, he's nervous and shy that's all. Probably expecting his friends to help him out first before he makes a move.

  • I have this same issue except it's a girl


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