Is my ex showing interest in me again? Or is he just trying to be civil?

Basically bad break up in April and he was so resentful and cold towards me that he said he just didn't want to speak to me anymore as everything would be 'weighed down by the past'.

So respecting his wishes, I blocked him off Facebook and everything else so we couldn't be in touch anymore.

Months past and I felt so angry at having lost him. He works in my local superstore, and i always go there regularly. At first when I was in, we just outright ignored each other and wouldn't make eye contact.

Very recently, I noticed him trying to meet my gaze and catch my eyes. As well as sneaking a few glances at me.

On Monday, he froed to catch my eyes again, and I ignored him as usual. But this time, he went to the exit of the shop and waited for me to pass through with my shopping. He said hi, smiled and waved at me. He looked slightly sad as I passed him, but I said hi back.

Tonight, I was back in to get some things. This time, he happened to be standing by the checkouts. He passed by and said hi again telling me the self-checkout in the middle should be free soon.

I was buying paracetamol, which requires i. d. So he started joking saying 'I'll need to see some I. d' I was like 'but you know my age!' He said 'er, no I don't! I'm afraid I'll need to see your passport' and he just looked at me with a big grin. I was like 'I have my bank card with date of birth?' Then he smiled and approved my purchase, but told me I'd better have my identification next time.

I paid my things and turned to him as I left the store, I smiled at him and shook my head at him in a joking kinda way. He smiled back and raised his brows slightly then I left.

Thats the first time he's really spoken to me since April when we broke up. And now, he's choosing to speak to me after choosing not to for so long.

I just can't figure if he's doing it to be civil or if he's doing it because he's realised he still likes me. What do you think?


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  • Civil. he's probably over his hurt so now he feels comfortable talking again.

    • But, why would he want to talk to me again now, after everything, unless he wanted some form of relationship with me?

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