Guys, What is Best way to respond to a guy who just canceled a date if I want to keep him intrigued?

This would have been our 2nd date. The frist date was last week. I think it went fantastic. We have text almose every day this week. He did say earlier in the week that he would like to try to go out Thrusday if time allowed and let him take the day off on Friday. But he would not know until Thurday day time.

Well, He just text me and said he can not get the day off so we will have to rescedule for next week.

I want my response to keep in intrigued, so that hopefully we will rechedule.

Any advise is welcomed.


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  • Just don't sound desperate , just be like " that's ok when ever you can make the time to go out" then he'll think your a cool woman and not desperate or needy

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