We had sex but we're still just friends?

I've been talking to this girl for about 3 months.
We had sex but we're still just friends?

She showed interest but also plenty of mixed signals. We made out three months ago at a party and afterwards stayed friends until last week. She usually texts me every morning and night, we often chill at her place just the both of us but she almost never showed interest, she talked to me as a bro but always dressed up nicely and had make up on even if we were just watching films.

The thing is, we finally had sex last Saturday night while being a bit drunk, we only had a couple of beers. It was the best sex i've ever hand and she did everything possible to please me until i was mind-blown. We slept together as a couple and kissed goodbye in the morning.

Afterwards We texted for 3 days just talking crap like friends do and she invited me to her place yesterday, we ended up watching films and smoking a blunt but we didn't talk about that night, she seemed very calm and didn't even sat close to me. I got confused so i just chilled with her as friends, no intimacy, and went home feeling frustrated. What is going through her mind?

Ps: she went through a break up and told me a while ago that she misses her ex. She is not a typical girl, she looks very beautiful and sexy but her personality is more like a dude. She is also a bit awkward at times.


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  • Sex doesn't change anything


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