Girls, Girl is giving me very mixed signs? But maybe it's something I'm doing?

So, on Saturday we confessed our feelings for eachother, both of us admitting to liking eachother for a very long time, with her saying that she was 'fangirling' when I messaged her a while back and anyway we said a lot about or feelings.

She'd been texting me first and we've been talking a lot. But recently something happened where she left her house due to fights with her parents, so she's been out of there a bit, she texted me saying that she wouldn't be available for a bit, and that she wasn't ignoring me.

We were talking about going on a date very soon... but I get that she's probably busy atm and might not want to see me like this... but today she posted on FB that there's an event going on today and for any of her friends who wanted to go to say so, I put on the post that I was interested... but she didn't reply to me...

I mean there's a chance that she might want to hold back so we can meet one on one... but I also know she has fairly bad anxiety. I'm not really sure.

PS We talked just last night and We did so for over an an hour pretty engaged, but when I brought up going on the date she kinda seemed to ignore the comment, still talking to me enthusiastically but not acknowledging it... I don't know I'm confused


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  • She's jsut looking for an online friend