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I've been dating this girl for 6 months and I do love her and don't want to lose her. Recently, I don't know why this has entered my head but, for whatever reason I have been thinking about my 3rd ex girlfriend. We broke 4 years ago (over Facebook) and we dated for 3 months. She was verbally abusive and I was still in love with her back during the duration of the relationship. I went through an unnecessary depression for 7 months and then soon got over it around January and have been since. I feel like a complete shitstick for thinking about her. I do think about my current girlfriend lot and have dates once or twice a week. I only want to think about her and not my 3rd ex because I abhor her. This makes seem like a shitbag.


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  • You haven't acted on it, so you have done nothing wrong. It is not uncommon to think about exes, especially when you have been with the same woman for a long time. It is also common to fantasize about exes while having sex with your current partner. Remember that when you fantasize about an ex, you are not really remembering things the way they were; you are remembering things the way you wish they had been, but that never really existed.