How can I show interest in a guy subtlety?

So, I'm a university student and there's this guy in my class who I sat close to whom I ran into at a party a couple weekends ago. We were talking and got eachothers numbers and he asked me if I wanted to study together. So, Tuesday night we ended up studying (mostly talking) for 6 hours. We found out we have a lot of similar interests and a similar style of humor. I ended up giving him a ride home and he asked if I wanted to study again before class the next day since we had an exam. We met up the next day and after the exam we ended up hanging out again just walking around and stuff until he said he was gonna head to the library to work on a paper so I said I'd get out of his way, but he offered me to join him and we just sat and did our own work together. He eventually left after like 2 hours or so.

Okay, so I don't think that he's the most efficient texter so I don't think I will see or hear from him until Monday. I think he is really cool, and I know were just getting to know eachother and everything, but how can I show interest without being pushy since were just being friendly?

He must at least like me as a friend right if we spent all that time together?


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  • why subtly? just come out and say "I want to fuck you."

  • He likes you as more than a friend.


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