Queen of Sabotage?

So in the past whenever I've liked a guy I would get too excited and do one or more of the following:
-wait around for him to message me
-get so nervous that all our convos would turn awkward
-break it off super fast before anything really happens
-ignore him
-immediately lose interest and make up excuses why i shouldn't date him

currently I am crushing really hard on this guy (and I think he likes me too). i only see him in class and i dont have his number or anything but i can't stop thinking about him. all i want to do is talk to him.

i really dont want to get ahead of myself and ruin things like before. any advice?


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  • Here's an advice. Don't do those things that you listed.
    You seem to have done a great job at pin pointing those things that you do and aren't successful. Now that you know them, why not use this knowledge to your advantage? Take the lead, message him first. Remind yourself to stay current in his mind. Don't disappear from his thoughts and don't let him disappear from yours. Be sure to talk to him or be noticed around him at least once a day. Try to talk about subjects your are knowledgeable in or accept and acknowledge that you don't know much about the subject and let him explain to you. That will make HIM talk and won't feel so pressured and nervous.
    I recon that you break it off fast and lose interest because you can't stand the pressure. If you find a way to make it known to him the extend of your nervousness, he might be inclined to help you through it. Having his support should contribute to lower your nervousness. Of course, it's not really something you can tell on a first date...

  • Okay, first of all you need to relax yourself, stay calm. Nothing is going to happen beyond your control. You need to understand your behaviour, you need to know what in a guy you want and take it slow.


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