Falling for a girl with baggage?

Her situation is less than ideal. Child, boy friend (who i'm pretty sure is on the way out) etc. does the fact that this hasn't 100% detered me mean that I should give her a shot? Is it too upfront to tell her I'd date her if her boyfriend situation changes?

Or am I completely crazy for even thinking about her as anything more that friends?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Do not say anything until the boyfriend situation changes, telling her now, would give her more baggage right now

    • So just stay friendly and if something changes then I can make a move?

    • yeah, she ready has enough stuff on her plate, so let her solve her problems , so dont cause anymore :)

What Guys Said 1

  • To be fair, what girl DOESN'T have baggage, I mean hell, you got a whole site of them on here, don't you

    • true everyone has something. this does seem like a little extra though.

    • All depends on how much you think ou can handle and of course it boils down to, who you're attracted to more. You ever watched "baggage" on game show network late nights, you'll like it