Girls, Been with my fiance for a year and 3 months on the 17th, when out of nowhere she wants a break? help?

I joined the military early on in the relationship, she never left me and was always waiting for me... so I always tried my hardest to see her as much as possible. This past weekend i came to her town and stayed the whole time trying day and night to see her when she couldnt because her step dad has basically forbid me. Even though i try so hard and love her so much, doing little things for her and always being the best I can be... she decided right after this weekend to say she wanted a break. we talked a lot about it because im genuinely scared... i dont want to lose her. but i played it cool, and told her i understand and would do it... only because she said she just needs to focus on graduating and that she isn't even interested in seeing anyone else, and told me she loves me. Well that night we talked and she kept acting like nothing even happened. Texting me hearts and kissy faces and stuff. This all really confuses me, because i feel heart broken and like i've lost the only girl i have ever truly loved. Then she said she was going to bed and goodnight so i just said okay goodnight, and she kept it going... flirting with me and eventually saying she felt weird not saying she loved me so she said it and i said it back and we went to sleep... She told me to text her the next day and after trying my hardest not to, I caved and did that night to which she replied like she had been staring at her phone waiting. Eventually she took a joke i said totally unrelated to the break as me taking a shot at her, she got mad, said she was going to sleep so i said "k" and she replied with a peace sign. After calming down i told her i loved her and won't bother her and she can text me when she's ready. Well she hasn't yet and i'm terrified. what do i do? what do i say? how do i get her to want me the same? I can't lose her.. She's my baby..


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  • Dang. Well, if it were me in this situation, I would wait a bit more. She said she wanted to focus on graduation (is that soon, like within a year?) so, I would give her that space. It's probably going to be really difficult, but I wouldn't want to push the person I love away. It's a fine line though, I don't want them to move on, but I don't want to push them away. I wish I had better advice for you, and I hope it works out!