Why did this guy stop talking to me?

I hooked up (just kissing) this this guy at a music festival over the summer (he goes to the same school as me so I kinda knew of him, he's a senior and I'm a junior) When school started he asked my friend for my number and we texted for a while. He was always super sweet and flirty and he told him whole soccer team that he liked me and he asked me to hang out once but it was my friends bday so I couldn't. He was also gonna ask me to homecoming (he told my friend this) but he ended up not asking me probably because of the grade difference and it would be awkward. But now all of a sudden he completely stopped texting me and we only occasionally see each other in the halls and say hi. What happened? I was really starting to like him why do you think he stopped talking to me?


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  • If it was just a summer kissing thing, why should he stay in contact, it was a summer fling

    • Yeah but we talked a ton after summer was over we just stopped last week..

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    • Because he was interested? I don't know read what I wrote

    • But if it's a summer fling...

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  • Seems like grade difference is a problem for him. If you really like him and you feel that he liked or aat least liked you to just ask him why did he stop.

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