Who would you date if you were in my situation?

I'm very bad at relationships. My longest relationship was for 2 months and I always break up with guys because i date guys I don't like. I know, I know. What a mean thing to do, right? But it worked for my friends so I dated guys I didn't really like and now I'm interested in having a boyfrien again, after 8 months, but i don't know who to pick. For the record: I usually like older guys (1-2 years older) and I usually date guys that are taller than me. My family would rather me date white guys and I don't drink or smoke.
What's the best choice?

  • Tall, kind, guy. Never met him, from the same town and is totally into me. Half white, half Iraqi. My age.
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  • Shorter white guy. Dorky and shy, but very sweet, we talk everyday but only small talk. My age.
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  • Mixed white and black guy. Ghetto-ish, into anime, kinda obnoxious at times, older. Smokes pot.
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  • tall white guy. Had a crush on him for 4 years, now he seems interested. Rejected me once before. My age. Smokes pot and drinks regularly.
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  • Tall white guy. Never met him, lives across the country, my dream jersey boy. stopped textin 3 months ago. My age. drinks.
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  • Tall Black guy. Educated, funny, sweet. not sure if he is interested. Much older.
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  • white guy. my height, we never talk, looks at me a lot. Funny and kind. my age. Might drink.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't date guys because you "feel ready". That reeks of desperation. But, as far as who, just date who you want. Why should it matter who your parents want you to date. You're under 18 by the way, when you hit 21, I think you'll enjoy having a little alcohol from time to time, it's all about finding the right drink for yourself


Most Helpful Girl

  • I was going to vote for F (the educated, funny, sweet black guy) but since you are underage "much older" doesn't sound good to me. So I voted for B, since he is your age and sounds sweet.


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  • 2 is definitely who I'd vote for. He is the kind of guy that will be amazing once you actually get together and he warms up to you. But don't toy with a shy guy's heart. Only pick him if you're really into him, not just cause he is into you.

  • Picked number two, because the other couple of good options were guys you don't seem to know anything about. I definitely discard the ones who smoke pot and drink.

    • On a side note, I've met several guys who didn't drink or take any kind of drug but were very very bad, so be wary.

  • any of them good looking?


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