Is it a date? Or just hanging?

So I've been talking with this guy for a month, and we've really got a connection. I've been dying for him to ask me out. And just the other day he said "we should go to a movie" and now it's scheduled and I'm so ready for it. But not much else has changed. We still flirt with each other and everything. But sometimes he gives me mixed signals. He told me he had an awesome day bc he spent it with his best girl-friend. He even told me that they thought about dating, but decided on just staying friends. They hang a lot and all their friends seriously want them to date. So I don't know and sometimes he doesn't seem all that interested in me. And other times he gets jealous of other guys and he tells me "I'm pretty" or "I mean a lot to him". So I'm like 98% sure he likes me. Is the whole movie outing a date? Or are we just hanging out?


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  • It is date. Movies are always a date ;) . I am happy for you! Have fun, get a kiss and eat some popcorn

    • Movies are not always a date because my female friend and I and my guy friend and I use to watch movies in the theatre a lot

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    • @iamyourneighbor There you go then. You can go with a guy friend (that he is gay) to the movies, But with a straight guy is a date.

    • Oh my! I've never been on a date before! I'm super nervous! :)

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  • ask him out then? it sounds like y'all are just hanging out, but i guess it could be considered a date depending on what happens i guess. trust me, guys would rather girls ask them out than you getting him to ask you out. it makes things a lot easier for both sides. likewise, he should ask you out if he likes you (i don't want to make it sound 1 sided). I don't know if he's nervous or what.

    • I'm not completely opposed to the idea of asking him out. My mom asked my dad out when she was my age. Almost exactly. So it definitely runs in the family. If he doesn't make a serious move on Saturday, then I'll just let him know how I feel. :)

    • good on ya! hope it works out.

  • I would say it's a date yes.

  • Scheduled movie with just you two.
    I'd say it's a date.

    • Oh good. I think so too! I've never been on a date before so I'm super nervous!

    • Good, nerves will keep you on edge and help you act faster. Remember to say what's in your mind.

  • I would say hanging out cause neither of you specified.


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