Which guy should I choose?

So I am talking to two different guys and want to eventually date one of them.

The first guy is sort of covert about his day to day life and has serious trust issues. On the flipside, he knows he wants his space and time to devote to gaming, which is what I want too. He and I also like anime and that's always a plus. He admits to manipulating people to get what he wants a lot of the time and it makes me wonder if he is manipulating me. We video Skype and he is very good looking.

The second guy is very sweet, and has severe social anxiety, which I can totally relate as I have it too. He has self esteem issues which translate into body image issues. He is a body builder, with a muscular build and washboard abs, and that is a huge plus too. He and I also share a love for anime and even watch the same series. He lives in the UK, but we can Skype and email eachother, and I might look into getting a passport to go visit him if we end up being more than friends.

Which guy should I focus on building a relationship with?

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  • I think you should go with whoever you just feel more connected with, whoever you feel more "right." It's hard to just go based off this and for us to know who is better for you. What does your gut tell you or are you totally torn?

    • I am feeling torn and guilty all at the same time. I guess I like Guy B a bit more, but don't know if it's because of his physique or his personality. I feel guilty because I am talking to a second guy and it feels like I am being unfaithful to the first. Well, we aren't exclusive or even dating as far as I know, but I still feel dirty talking to this second guy.

  • Honestly, I can say that Guy A is a definite no! Yes, he may be very good looking and like you now, but what happens when you he isn't so good looking and doesn't like you. Look at how he treats people he doesn't like because one day he might not like you. As for Guy B, he has potential! You guys clearly have similar interests and values. Hope it works well for whomever you chose! :)

    • Thanks. I like Guy B a lot. There's just that pesky ocean between us. Lol

    • Unless you are Celine Dion and singing "All by myself", I suggest you travel that ocean. Find that someone that motivates you to be a better person and be the very best version of yourself. Best wishes! :)

    • Okay. If we become a couple, i'll definitely get that passport.