Is a makeup cuddle enough of an apology to my GF?

It was a weird argument and inkinda glared at her a minute when she was grinding on one of my guy friends (he's gay). She walked up to me and asked if I'm mad and I told her no and walked away cause I was a little jealous. On the ride back from the bar we didn't talk and when we got home we cuddled until she fell asleep. I told her I'm sorry for the glare and now I'm awake in our room and I feel really bad.


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  • Have some more confidence! I wouldn't have glared at her preferably but would have just left her there and gone home. You owe her no apology. She was out of line.

    • Leaving her there would be worse lol I was wrong too I admit she was drunk and I should have been the calmer one and not reacted the way I did. We cuddled and I hope were good I'll see when she wakes up tomorow and we can finish talking over breakfast if need be.

    • a significant other showing attention to another in front of you out of spite is not cool no matter what

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  • I don't blame you for glaring. Regardless if he's gay or not she shouldn't be grinding on someone. You shouldn't be apologizing in my opinion.

    • It was rude I kinda smirked and shook my head and I regret it cause booze was involved so I was wrong to start something so minor knowing it could escalate. We cuddled so I don't know if she is still mad.

    • I don't find it to be so minor. I'd be angry too.

    • I wouldn't say anger was the feeling just more jealous and I trust my friend and he apologized to me about and i could have handled it better.

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