Would you like to do something at all anytime?


I'm stuck honestly, I really like this girl and she liked me first originally. I never really did anything.
I'll say hi to her in the hallways when i can. she'd say it back but eventually she'll stop responding and either not respond to me when i do and she'll look away from me or she'll have a pause before she says hi back. As of today in time she doesn't seem to look at me at all. she keeps looking straight, away, or just stays on her phone. I haven't talked to her much though only ever saying hi, so it's not like i know her or she knows me other than my name. People tell me to talk to her and get to know her but whenver i do, she seems like she doesn't really want anything with me. all it seems to be is hi and she doesn't stop for anything.

on this site, she has ignored me/not respond when i say hi in the halls sometimes, she acts so different around me compared to when i see her with others. I don't think she's avoiding necessarily but yeah. i'll see her getting all close now with some guy and i feel sad and jealous i guess. people that know i like her tell me to but i can't really seem to get past "hi" ever with her. I'd hope to get close one day, but I don't know what to do really.
i just asked her in the middle of the night "would you like to do something at all anytime?" for the heck of it. its the middle of the night only an hour later so she's sleeping most likely as of now, should i undo that message?


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  • Dude, stop chasing. Chasing for immature people. She likes you that's fine if she don't, move on. I'm sure your friends would play these games. They will say hi and get conversation going. Her, I'm sorry move on. texting for quick use. Not to set up things. Talk to in person. Let her know that.
    "Hey, you know, I feel as though you have been distant lately, I understand we are trying to be friends, but got to know what are we going to do? We can go our separate ways or you can treat me like I exist." After she gives you the answer and nothing changes in 1 day, drop her ass. If she don't pick a day to hang out or get something going, drop her ass, if she reschedules two times. Drop her ass, if she don't reply, drop her ass, and if she ignores or anything that's rude or what not let her go... And drop her ass.

    • can't really say that I've been "chasing" her. all that's said is Hi ____ when I see her and then she does her responses.

    • Ask her to hang out, her answer is your Q to let her go or say move on or if she do hang out make sure what she do is consistent.

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