Does he have feelings or not? Dying to know?

Does he have feelings or not?  Dying to know?

****additional details*
He usually goes for girls who are a couple years younger, more naive, and not to sound like an ass but they're usually not very bright. They are just very different from me. I'm totally different than any girl he's ever been involved with and I think he doesn't know how to deal with me or maybe he doesn't want to like me bc I'm not one of those girls. His friend was actually the one to suggest this. ******

Any male opinions?


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  • I think he's playing games. He's not very trustworthy either since he flirted with you so much while in a relationship too. If you end up being together, nothing will stop him from cheating on you too like that.

    • Yeah I definitely wouldn't date him but I do have strong feelings for him. I feel as if I know how he feels I'll get some closure

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    • Having feelings isn't pathetic, it happens to everyone. But overthinking things and being stuck on a guy who's an emotional cheater is a bit pathetic. Clearly he's not worth whatever you're going through.

    • You're right.

  • Dude, he sounds like an ass. Run.