What to do with this cake?

My boyfriend is having a bday party today and i baked a cake for him but the frosting doesn't taste chocolate it tastes butter... and i dont want his guy friends to eat it and not like it

should i leave the cake at home or bring it


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  • Just buy another frosting and take the old frosting off. If you can't take the old frosting off then leave the cake at home. You don't want his friends making fun off it if the frosting tastes weird. But that is good that you baked a cake for him.

    • So i should just leave it.. ugh i put time and effort and money into it..

    • Yeah if you can't get the old frosting off. I would leave it. That sucks that you put all that effort into it. Or you could still bring it. Just warn people about the frosting. It's a shame to let it go to waste.

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