Girls how would you react if your boyfriend was really nice to you, and always did things for you? Do you think you would take advantage a bit?

Like if you had a boyfriend who did nice things like pay for everything, cook for you when you get home, do all or most of the cleaning, and give you little gifts all the time.
Would you really appreciate it and try to be just as nice to him, or do you think you would take advantage of him a little bit.
Bascically i'm asking if being too nice in a relationship can be a bad thing?
And guys how would you react if a girl was nice like this to you?


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  • I'd love it! There would be moments where I might take advantage, but hey I'm human. Mostly I'd really love him for it and try to repay the kindness.


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  • I like your style man. I respect a guy who would do those things for a lady.

    I wouldn't want her to do everything for me if she thought it was her job. If she was going to make something for herself and asked if I wanted part of what she wanted that would be huge for me. Or if she is in the kitchen getting something and asked if I wanted something, out of convenience that would awesome.

    What do you like to do for her in the relationship? How would you want her to do some things for you?

    • I guess I would want us to be mutually kind to each other.

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  • I'm not a taking advantage type and that would be pretty prefered. Being nice isn't a bad thing just don't let others treat you bad.

  • I'd appreciate it for sure. And do the same in return.

  • I have a fiance who is just like that and I love him to bits :) We're both really kind to eachother but I'll admit, I do use my lady charms to get my way sometimes lol!


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  • "And guys how would you react if a girl was nice like this to you?"

    In my mind, there's no such thing as too nice + I'd do everything in my power to keep that woman around. Since it's kinda hard to find women like that these days. And OFC I'd try to repay the favor anyway possible ^_^.

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    • but this would probably never happen to me because I like to "clean up what I fuck up right there on the spot" as I like to call it ( I have that "clean 1st, eat second" mindset)

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