What does his kissing mean?

I've known this guy for about a month and we've hung out about four times. Yesterday we went to the park and then to get some snacks and his friend who was visiting from out of town came along. While we were waiting for his friend to get the food, he started kissing me in public and hugging me even though there were other people there, which I totally don't mind at all. Later that night we were cooking dinner at his place and he kissed me on the forehead.
He asked me what I thought about us doing 'it' and I told him I'm a virgin, and he was super respectful and didn't push me into anything, so we didn't do it. He wasn't at all angry or upset or anything, unlike a previous experience with a guy who apparently all he wanted from me was sex.

How would you guys read these kind of things? Do you think we could eventually date or that he would want that kind of relationship?


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  • His question about doing it tells me that's all he wants he's just not as pushy about it

    • Even though we acted like a couple in front of his friends and roommates and in public?
      The reason why he asked about it was because we were making out and it was getting intense lol

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