What does it mean when a girl stares back but with no facial experssion, I really Need help with this?

Can expalin what this can mean?

This is my story

I have been starring at this girl for a while whenever i pass a corridor and i see her. And now after like 2 weeks she stares now back but with no facial experssion


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  • This is most likepy because you ve never encouraged her. Staring is nothing, smile over at her and wink. If she smiles back or blushes you ll know she likes you. As a girl i had the same problem in high school and i lost interest because he never made a move. We like confidence its sexy and alluring as hell. So smile and wink and then the next day maybe go up to her and ask what her name is and if shed want to chill that lunch and just talk. Then listen to her and get to know each other. Good luck!!


What Guys Said 1

  • She probably doesn't know what to do or she doesn't wanna show you a wrong expression that will make you think things that she doesn't want you to think.

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