Why do guys insist to be friends after break up?

My ex broke up with me last night. He says he cared for me and would like to see me again and wanted to remain friends. I told him that I don't behave like that and wouldn't accept friendship since we werent even friends before. He knows I'm the type that when i break up I move on and cut contact. Before I left I told him "are you sure about this?" And he hesitated for I swear almost a minute then was like "yea." And I walked out his place. He has little experience and I have a lot so that's why I'm capable of walking away and never looking back. Can someone give me insight? He seemed confused and for him to say how he cared about me and still like to see me again.. I'm confused hence moving on. Thanks in advance.


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  • Probably wants the possibility of continuing a sexual relationship. You know, you get drunk and sad and call him up or vise versa.

    • I don't know sounds like he doesn't know what he's doing. We had a fight and said his feelings changed in a day which sounds ridiculous but he still like to see me Again. Like I said be has no experience especially with love. He didn't seem sure at all and it was like right there in front of me he wasn't sure if that's what he wanted.. ti break up I mean. He's not the type to use girls for sex... kind lame dude which i liked about him. I usually go out with bad boys

    • He maybe conflicted no have been in situations in the past where I didn't want to be in the relationship but also didn't want to be single. Also, nice guys like break up sex too.

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