Found my boyfriend's dating profile?

and I believe he created it when we we're together. his pictures at least were from 4 or so months ago. we've been together for a really long time and he said he only used it to check up on me. he has no comments on it\no friends. although his name on it something about him being a freak in bed. I don't understand! he still tells me he loves me all the time, we were doing great. my friends say it's nothing and a stupid website and I should move on with it. I asked him if he was tired of me and that we could take a break if he wanted to and he freaked out and said he wanted nobody else. opinion please? :(


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  • Who doesn't have a dating profile nowadays? I have at LEAST 4, and to add, I have Facebook and MySpace too. And YES, he has a right to log in and post whatever he wants to on those sites as well. He may have had a profile up long before you both even met, and it is hard to tell when he created a profile, unless maybe you have one too...

    Asking him "if he was tired of me and that we could take a break if he wanted to" was a bad move too... because it is based on an issue that is not really a issue. I personally would be mad if someone asked me that, and probably would "take his break", which will make life worse for everybody. I would just leave the online dating thing alone and love him for who he is, not for what he got.

    Hope that helps.

    • I met him on that website. I don't know if he's messeging other girls. he doesn't even let me see his phone. well, I asked him about it one day and he gave it to me. he only had two missed calls from these two girls that was two weeks old so I was alright with that fact. it just seems weird to me he'd STILL have this dating website with pictures I know he took when we were together. he says he made the website to spy on me then why does he have 5 of them?

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    • So you agree, you think he's using it to spy on my activity? although he has five accounts and didn't have to create a new one..

    • Sure, I can agree with the fact that he is trying to view your user activity. He didn't have to create 5 (or more) accounts, but who's to stop him? But that is not to say that he doesn't care about you.

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  • Not a good thing. First of all, is there a reason he should have a trust issue with you? Why is he checking up on you? The website thing is making you insecure enough to even check his phone. A guy shouldn't make you feel like that. There is absolutely no reason to put up a dating site when you are in a committed relationship. Looks like he likes to keep his options open. And why the hell would he post comments about his sexual performance? That is intimate stuff between you and him...not for him to share with the world. What a loser. Tell him to take it down or it's over.