Do you compare your current partners to your exes?

Not just plain comparing, but with a hint of regret. Like "my ex boyfriend was more funny" or "I wish my current girlfriend had my ex's butt, it looked much better", etc.

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  • yes, sadly, I do compare my current boyfriend to my ex's...

    Mostly coz some of them were Superheroes in bed and my boyfriend is just Mild Mannered, with hints of super powers.

    I do it less and less, but sometimes, especially when we are at the beach and I see some Hunk of a guy, I can't help it. Plus, he is a man, and it does hurt seeing him check out some other girls or girls wearing an awesome bikini with enormous boobs, tiny waist, and hella sexy wide baby making hips. He doesn't say anything, but i see him looking and some times, is man muscle responds "down there" and I get kinda mad...

    ... I don't say anything in front of my boyfriend though... that would be mean.

    I have chosen to be with him and i love him a lot. Mostly my love is due to how much he cares for me, loves me, does romantic stuff ALL THE TIME, and just is the man for me.

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