The text from the ex?

okay after you break go a month or so without texting/emailing/talking or even seeing each other...though you said that you would still "be friends"...okay so a month or so goes by and you get " the text from the ex"...kinda check up...seeing how everything is going and all..what does that mean? if anything? why are they really texting you


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  • K well you're lucky. My ex and I broke up a little over a month ago and the last time we talked was on the first. Since then, I haven't received a call from him. I don't have a cell phone so obviously we don't keep contact through texting. I'm saying you're lucky because if it has been a while since you two last talked and she suddenly textes you to check up, then to me, that shows that she still cares about you. Now, me however, its been 12 days (may not bee too long) but I just can't take it, I wanna hear his voice and because he hasn't called, I feel he doesn't care about me anymore, and may even forgotten about the girl he was with for almost 2 years (me). That's why I'm telling you, this person still cares about you and wants to keep talking, even if you two stay in the "friend zone"

    • Do you think that most of thetime when they do text back after a while...that they do want the freinds zone.....and nothingi more?

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    • Say about the way they talk to you what do you mean........this was our convo...."him" hey girly what's you been up to...anything fun?..."me" not too much a new puppy about you have you been?.."him" busy as norm...what kind of dog..did you quit yourjob yet?.. then I said that what kind and that I didn't quit me job....then no reply?

    • It seems like a normal conversation. If he were to say something like "we should meet up" or "do you have a boyfriend" you know something that may show interest. But make it clear from the beginning that you just want to be friends or he'll think you are ok with a second chance.

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  • My ex swore up and down when we broke up that he "really, really wanted to stay friends!"

    Ok, me too!

    And we didn't talk for like...6 months.

    In fact, we had our first real conversation since we broke up about a month ago, and we broke up last February. Then again one of my best friends stole him, so he's been preoccupied with her...but that's a whole other long story.

    Taking into account that he probably didn't cheat on you, he probably needed space in the beginning, but now he's started to miss you. The real question is, friend-zone miss or romanic miss?

    Sorry if that's not a help :/

    • No...see that if half my question..i can tell it..and wondered what the checking up meant most of the time....i am hoping friends....but most of the time is it more romanic miss?

  • A guy did this to me... we broke up but then a week later texts me, "I still have your birthday present do you want it?" I said sure and he set up a time when he was available... and then he cancels


    • So do you think that means he cares and is just scared to see you agian..

  • they probably needed some space before the freind phase began. and he probably still cares about you just in a different way now.

    i'Ve been in this situation, he needed a couple weeks before he would talk to me. he would text me everyday to check up on me.. we're best friends now.

    • Okay I am hoping this is the case....if it is shoulld I text him back next? to show that I as well really do wanna be friends?....but another thing...when we first broke up and were texting one night we did drunk text each other and after that is when we stop texting....can this still be the same case?

    • I don't think that would be the case I think its just because he cares.

      and yeah if you want to text him and show that you do want to be friends I say go for it. no harm in trying to move forward.

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  • Well I've been waiting for 6 months for that to happen, and still no sign of it.. So, I'm assuming you're in a better situation than I am am. It's nice that she checks up, still shows she cares at least about you the person, and she does have an interest in being friends. Where women get us though is- we're guys, and don't handle break ups as well as them. So they let enough time go by, then hook us right back in again. If you want to be friends, be sure to have boundaries.

    • My I ask if they broke up with you or did you break up with them?

    • She broke up with me

    • See my thing is....i think I should retext...b/c on even if I don't stay friendsthen at leasti tried...and if ever do see each othere out and about...then I will at least feel like I tried......but I think ..maybe one text to them wouldn't hurt from see what she sys

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