I like this girl a lot. Normally, if it's just a crush, I realize it within a week, two weeks tops, but I've liked her for almost a year now, help?

So I really like a girl, and I know it's more than a crush because normally I'd figure that out and move on within the week, maybe two weeks, but I've liked her for almost a year now. We spoke a little, but not too much, and her group of friends aren't really people I hang out with. She confuses me. I know for a fact that she's really nice, but her personality is a mystery to me. I'm naturally a very good conversationalist, I'm a nice guy, and I'm decent looking, but I'm nervous around her and don't know what to say despite my good conversational skills, all due to the fact that she's so confusing to me. Please help!


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  • I know how you feel because I'm in the same situation. I have liked this guy for more than a year already, and nothing. I'm unable to read if he is interested or not, because he gives me mixed signals. He is a social butterfly, but when he talks to me is quite the opposite. I've been planning to talk to him, but I'm extremely shy, and I'm scared.

    Maybe the girl you like feels in the same way. You have to pay attention to how she behaves when she is around you. If she is shy like me, she might avoid you, but will smile if you talk to her. Try to find a moment when she is alone, and ask for her phone number, so you can text her. Then you will have more time to think what to talk about.

    • Thank you, and we've texted a lot already lol, and we have a lot in common, so naturally, I should just go for it, but like I said, she confuses me. That deters me from actually going up to her in person, because she just seems like a very social person at times who can act cute and immature, but at other times she seems very mature and calm and collected, so I'm not entirely sure what to say or do. In your case, I think you should just go for it! Life's too short to waste wondering!

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