Are young looking guys less attractive?

I'm a guy who just turned 20 but look in the 16-18 range, most people guess me at 17.

Being totally honest, girls can you look at a guy like that and find him sexually attractive and would want to date him? What do 20+ girls think of this? Would like answers from anyone 16-24.

Guys who look young do you have a problem with it?

Thanks :)


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  • they can be very cute and attractive


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  • I certainly seem to have a problem I'm 5'7 and 20 aswell then again I'm a late developer so I have until 25 to mature biggest issue I have is being taken seriously. I have had girls like me before but I am too insecure about my young look to even take it seriously


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  • I personally prefer tough-looking guys so the younger thing is not working with my.. but some of my friends are really into guys who look younger.

    • What does being tough looking have to do with youthfulness?

    • because those who look young and act tough are annoying brats in my mind...

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