Was this guy interested but too shy/insecure to take it to next part of dating?

we met online. If I am honest the few times I have signed up I noticed he was on the. I know with online dating for his it means they can not get girls in real life or are so busy working they don't have time to meet girls.

He IM'd me I responded then we started texting. seemed like a nice guy. Asking how I am , what am I up to etc about my life , career an family.

We got on so well an I was excited to see him. He would even apologised if he fell asleep before getting chance to say good night. An even when he went on holiday for a week , day he returned he text me just like he said he would.

I liked the consistency. One week he was free. Skipped training an asked me out days before our date. we went for drinks. We had fun lots of laughter an time getting to know Each other. It was on a Thursday last week , next day we text a lot an he says he's free Tommorrow which was the Saturday would I like to go out again.

i agreed an he said would I like dinner an a movie I said yea. He picked me up in his car this time. Had lovely Italian then watched a thriller. He dropped me home then. We had fun talking at dinner an before an during bits of movie. He enjoyed as did I. Even when we went for drinks on first an second date he was like have anything you want out to please.

During dinner though if I looked around he would turn an say is someone entertaining you. I said no. An during first date at a bar if I looked outside as we was by a canal an so I could see other night spots. He would say is someone there.

as a handsome guy he was nervous an on our first date when we met at train station he said 5 seconds into walking an talking on way to bar sorry if I am bit quiet.

An even at dinner he kept checking my food was ok an saying I can get you something else. didn't kiss him on second date as didn't feel he was ready this week he been busy so we talked less as he had a lot going on at work. He seems more silent now I don't understand him


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  • He sounded interested but might not know how you feel

    • Yeah I agree, I guess I didn't know how to get it across. I like him an was hoping for third date to see if romance was on the cards an to maybe kiss if moments right but he is bit distant

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