Girl I spoke to on a online dating, was interested in me then when I asked her out for a meal said she let me know if she was free but she hasn't?

This was 3 days ago i'm confused as she -
- accepted me on facebook
- we talked for two weeks
- always copied the amount of xx's i sent
- their was all the signs like using heeeeeyy and ! and lol and emoticons a lot
- asked me questions
- always responded

She said i might be free at the weekend achille i will have to let you know, now i don't no when to message her back when should i give it till and could it be she is nervous?
i am just like wtf i would consider myself a nice guy, freshly confident after taking a hold of my anxiety, intelligent and quite good looking as i get a lot of female attention while i'm out but in todays world you can't just go up too these girls and ask them out! so that is why i have been doing online dating! So far the experince has been demoralssing, depressing and deflating! I am just tired of being lead on by girls who in real life would not be so cruel and dismissive of a guy like me!

Also i don't want sarcastic answers just helpful advice as i am a nice guy just fed up of being single!


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  • Hey,

    Try texting her again saying 'Hey, hope your day is going well (or some other pleasantry), are you still keen to catch up over the weekend? Would be great to meet up :)'

    The ball will be in her court and you can see what she says but if she doesn't reply to that one either then maybe let that one go - you shouldn't have to work that hard just to meet up with someone!

    • okay thanks could i try that text but make it next weekend, as she may be just busy or shy and i don't want to come across too strong!

    • Yeah sure, you can see which one she would prefer e. g. - 'Would be great to catch up this weekend or next - whichever is easier for you :)' etc...

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