Travel 10 hours for a date?

So i was seeing thia guy but he moved to Ohio and i live in New jersey, we got disconnected for awhile but now that he got everything in place. We are talking again and he keeps mentioning to visit him for a change but I recently just learned how to drive so im scared of driving on the high way that much long so is it rude to ask him to meet half way or him visiting this time?


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  • lol, I live in Ohio as well. I wonder if I know him, or if he's at least somewhat near me. If I see him, do you want me to ask him about you?

    • Hahaha no thanks. He lives in Oxford

    • Well, my grandparents live in Dayton, and I have family in Cincinnati. I live in Cleveland I go down to Cinci every fourth of July and my grandparents I see at least 3 times a year, so maybe I've seen him.

    • and I go*

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