What does it mean when a girl stares BUT with no facial experession?

can someone expalin what this can mean? This is my story I have been starring at this girl for a while whenever i pass a corridor and i see her. And now after like 2 weeks she stares now back but with no facial experssion When a girl makes eye contact (stare mode, not glance) does that always mean she's intrested?


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  • If you repeatedly make eye contact then she's probably interested in you but she either doesn't want to make her emotions obvious because she doesn't know you or she just doesn't express emotion on her face obviously. I mean personally there's this one really hot guy I pass in the hallways at school and I always glance at him but I never have any expression because I don't want to make it obvious that I think he's hot.


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  • She's probably trying to figure out why do you stare at her. Next time try smiling at her and watch her reaction.