Why did I stay in a house full of abuse?

I am 23 years old and haven't lived on my own, i live with mother and older sister who pratically abused me emotionally but my mother abused all of us she was mentally unstable, now she had been on meds for a few years and is way nicer, tolerable and doesn't get angry anymore. My sister is nuts, a nutscase who is 29 and lives at home. Im a student and work but for some other CRAZY reason haven't moved out yet, why? can please someone tell me why someone would stay in an enviremont like that


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  • Because moving out takes effort and a lot of money.

    • it doesn't hav to my younger sis left when she was 18, i couldnt when i was 18 because i was irresponsible and my mother was mentally ill at that time, i couldnt leave her

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