My choice in women?

I dont find bbw attractive, and im not shaming anyone but when i say i like skinny or girls in shape i get shit from everyone like its a bad thing or something just cause im not in love with kim k's giant booty people talk shit i like petite women is that so bad?


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  • Everyone's allowed to have preferences. If people are rude to you for having some they're hypocrites because everyone has preferences


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  • It's algood bro, I am the same as you. Not all guys perfer GIGANTIC boobs and butts and then when you tell someone they are like wtf? Because they have that mindset that big boobs and a big butt are what make a woman attractive.

    Look at it this way, A guy say's he want's a beautiful/skinny/fit/small woman and then everyone is like "wtf such high standards and etc."
    A girl say's she want's a sexy/hot/fit guy and then they are all like "you go gurl!", "you do you" etc.

    It's a really sexist problem, since it involves not perfering a bigger women typically when you say you don't perfer them it's like "fat shaming" to them. That's why you see so many people saying "ewww anarexic girl", "too skinny" etc so they make themselves feel better when it's really a health issue :)


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  • People are fucking idiots, don't let it bother you.