A question for those who've used OkCupid, how long do you talk before escalating?

I mean many messages or days do you talk for before exchanging numbers or deciding to meet up and so on.

Any other views?
Can anyone else give any advice?


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  • Hey,

    Well personally for me i like to talk to them using the instant chat feature so you can talk and respond instantly, rather than sending messages everyday because you can get more of a sense of their personality if you are having a back and forth real time chat. If we have had a good real time chat then i would be happy to arrange to meet them after that because i don't see the point of hanging around the site endlessly talking to them like a pen pal. Once you have established that they can hold a conversation and you think that there's a chance you might get along then there is no reason to wait. Waiting too long also builds up false expectations because you can't get to know the full breadth of their personality and the only way your going to know if there is chemistry is to meet them. So sooner is better than later in my book.

    • Okay thanks for your answer. Do you think most girls on there would see it that way?

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    • Do you think girls that describe themselves as shy would be different or that after talking to her for a weeks it's worth the risk of asking her?

    • If you know she is shy you might wanna try asking for her number and texting her for a little but first so she can get more comfortable on a different medium. After you've been texting for about a week suggest you meet up for a quick coffee and ask her to nominate a coffee shop so she can choose one she is comfortable with.

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