Dating Democrats vs. Dating Republicans?

Anyone have a preference and why?

I like dating republican girls because I've been raised democrat and I find it makes the sex hotter for some reason. Let's throw in Libertarian Girls for good measure.

Dating Democrats vs. Dating Republicans?

Ok, it's not really fair. Romney's daughters are glammed up but yeah imagine themw ithout the glam.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Its not as simple as that. I've dated republicans, but not a bible thumper that is always trying to convert me to thier way, and yea no sex before marriage means no dates at all. I've dated democrats, but never feminists who hate me for being a man, and think quotas for hiring women are required, socciety needs to help women, and then blame men for not being able to keep up. Sorry but sexist is sexist, yes even against men. My personal favorite is "only the extremeists are like that" well I guess you're all extremists then!

    Basically as long as they are not brainwashed by radical ideologies they are datable.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I guess I'd prefer democrat because I would be a democrat if I was American, so we'd likely be more compatible with what we believe in.

  • Republican by a longshot. I would never date a guy that has a problem with gender roles.

  • It doesn't matter who they vote for because that's not supposed to be the reason you are attracted to them

    • what they believe in isn't important to dating them?

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    • sigh... young people...

    • Excuse me? You are 23 yourself so don't even go there

What Guys Said 2

  • Well, LIBERTARIAN girls are the wildest chicks in my opinion. :D

  • I guess I might be able to do democrat. As long as she's on the left. That means I can eventually convince her, possibly, that she should go further left.

    As for libertarian. Eh. Maybe. Possibly. Left-libertarian, right libertarian, or classical libertarian? 'Cause anyone with a romantic vision of capitalism, no fuckin' way. Left libertarians I might could get behind.

    A liberal. I don't think I could do a liberal. I think liberalism is a disease. And conservatism is trash.

    Republican? Aha, no. Most likely no. They might be the worst, in general.

    Vote Bernie Sanders! :D

    And I was raised strictly republican. My parents have a seething partisan hatred for anything non-republican. They view it as the holy, God-endorsed party.

    • lol didn't think socialist girls need apply but perhaps i was wrong

    • Perhaps. :P