Should I date him?

Ok so I've been talking to this guy for a couple months now. He's 25 and I turn 18 in two months. I grew up with this rule of dating my age or a year older. Guys my age are immature and a year older doesn't really makes that fact any different in my opinion. Anyway, we've been talking and he's really nice. We became really flirty and I wanna know if I should go for it? Should I date him or leave him alone?

P. S - My Brother is in his early 20s and dating a woman 13 years older than him.

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  • that "rule" is just stupid. there is nothing wrong with it, if you are interested in him then go for it. everything else is stupid. with every year that age gap will be less and less relevant


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  • If I don't have problems dating a 26 y/o guy, you shouldn't either.


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  • Depends on the chemistry between you two. If you feel like it is right, you should go for it.


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