She makes me jealous?

I have been seeing this guy but we can't be together & we are non-exclusive.
I leave in a week forever & he just got out of a relationship but we essentially have what is a relationship without the label.
On Tuesday we went out, he said that I was number 1 and no matter who he hooked up with he would always be going home with me.
Then he kissed the hottest girl on our residence, who is in his course.
He said she was a bad kisser & came home with me.
He has been really lovely to me, lots of sex, cuddles & kisses. Even some compliments about how cute I was with kids.
He was messaging her the other day but said it was about their assessment.
Then he was messaging her today again. I know we aren't exclusive but she makes me jealous even though nothing has really happened with her.
Especially because we live together, sleep together every night & share the same friend group so he never really messages me unless he needs something :(


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds needlessly complicated. If you want the security of exclusivity, you'll have to demand it. If not, you'll have to either put your jealousy aside or just get used to it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, he already said you're number one so what are you worried about? He obviously likes to mingle and come home to you. Happy for ya!

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