Would this bother anyone else as much as it did me?

I started seeing this new guy (Todd) who's liked me for quite some time. Since we have mutual friends we've kinda known each other for a while. Well we finally went out a few days ago and really hit if off. Spent the night together last night and both had a great time. After he left sent me the sweetest text telling me how im his girl now. Then my mother calls (who's known him also prior to our hooking up) and asks me for his work number to give her neighbors friend who needs to inquire about his services (he does plumbing). SO I give her his number and then later that day my mother calls and says to me, "Todd is so sweet, I really like him! You want me to tell you the nice thing he said about you?" of course I did so she proceeds to tell me, "Well after leaving the gal who I refered him to's house, he texts to tell me, "oh my god Connie, that girl you referred me to was gorgeous! If I didn't like your daughter so much... but then again, your daughters gorgeous too!" Now ladies this is where I really need your help. Would what he said have bothered you (about the referal being gorgeous) because it really bothered me! My mother just said I was overreacting but I think it was totally innapproriate of him! And yes bothered me very much!! What do you think? Could this be just an example of how us men and women are different (cuz i know no woman would do this!) or was he totally out of line? Please be honest! Oh and something else to consider is the possibility that he did this knowing my mother would (more than likely) relay it back to me just to see my reaction and see how much I might like him by how jealous Id get - cuz i kinda played hard to get with him in the beginning. Im not sure what his intentions were but just hearing how he thought the woman so gorgeous (regardless how in to me he claims to be) just really struck my nerve! So guys and gal's please give me your thoughts... am I being ridiculous? Should I just blow it off? thanks! Also girls if it would bother you, what would you do about it? Blow it off or bring it up to him? BTW- we're bothe the same age - in our early thirties.

  • He shouldn't have mentioned the chick being so gorgeous, totally innappropriate!
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  • He said this just to see how you'd react to it - and only because he likes you, so let it go!
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  • What a twerp dirtbag! Dump this potential cheater without giving him another thought!
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  • Give him a break! As guys will always notice hot chicks! You're reading too much into it. He did say you were gorgeous too! So relax!
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  • Tell him how it made you feel. A nice guy would understand and never do it again.
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Oh and for the record... my mother said she wasn't pretty at all and was surprised that he would even have thought so - which is just another indicator to me he may have been saying it to see my reaction.


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  • This is a tuffy but I could see why this bothered you. It's something that should have been kept to himself. Not something he relays to your mom.


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  • A and C at the same time and if he gives you a bad response, you leave him! You deserve to be respected and that was crude of him to say to your mother! That says a lot about him, dear. Please follow your intuition.

    • That's how I felt but my mom says im being stupid... that he didn't mean it like that! ;/

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    • They were friends before him and I got together. That's why he's so comfortable telling her that. Although, since we are now dating he should have kept it to himself. I really think he wanted to see my reaction.

    • It's all up to you. Your relationships, your life, your choices. I'd comment it to him since you're exclusive now. That'll help you.

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