Online dating and a break up, how do I get over?

I met a guy online and we dated for over a month. Everything seemed perfect, no fights, no signs of unhappiness. He just told me that he needed some time to clear his head and then called after a couple days to say that he can't continue with me.

He said I could call him if I ever needed anything and I did not fight his decision. I wished him well. BUT I miss him terribly. I want to call him to clarify his reasons for the breakup because I just can't get over him. Advice?


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  • Wow, this happened to me too! And I am going through the same feelings as you.

    I still think about this guy and wonder why he called it off. We had GREAT conversations, we went out on 5 dates, I invited him to my place for dinner on our last date. He told me how amazed and lucky he felt to have met a person like me and I felt exactly the same way. I thought that we had real chemistry. Then one day he sends me an e-mail telling me that he didn't feel that I was the right one for me. I told him "best of luck" and wanted to end things cool. But everyday, I still think about him and we only dated for about a month and I am still thinking of him 3 months later!

    I too keep wondering what I did wrong because he seemed so into me for a while. But I would never want to push anything and I figured that if he was into me, he would come back. I could not call him and beg him to give me another chance. Just out of my character and the dynamics between us will then be unbalanced.

    But I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have not met anyone special since him and so when I think of love or being lonely, he is the most recent guy I got so close to that of course his face comes to mind.

    Well, here's to hoping it gets better for the both of us. :) Cheers.


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  • We all adults, maybe he is a cool guys, that is why no BS while you guys are dating, however you might not be his cup of tea.

    There is not right wrong in, here, just different. I am proud that you wish him well. However people come, people go. Don't give up, your mr right is in corner.


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  • U have a right to know

    ask him if y'all can be really close friends and if he says yes call him ever day to see how is is doing and stuff like that

    My ex boyfriend did that and me and him are best of friends I'm pregnant now but not by him and he told me if I ever needed anything to call him and he would help I am thinking about moving closer to him if I am pregnant because the guy that got me pregnant is a complete dick and my ex is a sweet heart he said if I move down there me and him would get back together me and him still love each other and wanna be together but it was the distance that broke us up

  • I am recently going through a somewhat similar situation. Before you call him and pour your heart out to him, write or type out a letter to him explaining your true feelings or things you want him to know, questions you have about things, etc. Don't send this to him. I did this and it really helped me get a lot of things off my chest. Works every time. It also helps you sort out your thoughts before or if you choose to talk to him about your feelings. WORKS EVERY TIME. Trust me on this one