Was this guy just being polite to me by asking me out for coffee or is he genuinely interested?

So there had been a guy at my college campus I had seen around a few times, and I knew he noticed me. He would stare and he smiled at me before. I knew he found me attractive. I found his name and FB messaged him, introducing myself since I didn't know when would be the next time I would see him... And I thought why not. If he doesn't respond then no love lost.

He responded very friendly, but he said he didn't know if he had ever seen me. We messaged a bit back and forth, he said he could have me over/ go out for coffee, and I said sure... Today I ran into him and officially introduced myself and he looked happy to see me, and said he does remember seeing me. We both had busy evenings, he was working and busy in that brief moment, and he said we should definitely get some coffee this weekend, and I agreed, and he said great, and then we said see you later or goodbye or whatever.

There wasn't an official date set except he said this weekend... And he was the one to bring it up.. I know I was the one to find him and introduce myself... So do you think he just feels sorry for me or like hey I may as well be friendly? Do guys do that? Or is this going well so far?

So guys.. Update.. Yesterday when we met, he hugged me, and said oh sorry I shouldn't have done that I'm sick.. Or something like that... And so anyways, this weekend he said we should have coffee... And he just cancelled this evening, and said he was extremely extremely sick and can't do coffee this weekend with a sad face... Is that a legit reason? I mean.. I'm used to dating jerky guys.. And he seems super nice, but now I feel like its rejection.. And I don't know why


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  • I don't know he might get the idea of wow this girl was way too easy to get... she basically jumped all over me and i practically had to do nothing.

    Im joking... some guys can be like that tho personally I think everything is looking good so far at least lol

    • I hope not :( lol, but really I don't know him... It could still go either way...

    • you will find out soon enough :D lol you're overthinking it. Be more confident and relaxed about this.

    • Haha you are right. I overthink too much. Thank you :)

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  • If it were me I would being doing that only if i was interested in someone, but everyone is different

  • Could have just been polite but it seems fine to me, just message him for the when and where.


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