Met a really great guy on a cruise, not sure what to do now?

I met probably the guy of my dreams on a cruise I was on. We hung out a lot during it and spent most of the time just talking to one another. We didn't kiss until the last hour we hung out then said goodbye. After we got off the ship and went our separate ways, I followed him on instagram and he followed me back. Now what? I live in California and he lives in Indiana, but I really like him. He has messaged me on instagram, but just commenting on one of my pictures. What should I do? We are both seniors in high school, going to college next year. From what he told me, he was looking at a couple California colleges and Portland ones also. I'm mostly looking at California and Portland or Washington.


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  • Visit him... its not that far right?

    • Indiana is across the country.. and I can't just randomly visit him. Neither of us have even expressed sure feelings or anything

    • Yea but its just a plane flight no biggie

      I did it. But im also much older... your a little young for that. Im afraid if you guys dont end up at the same or closer college. It will just end

    • should i tell him how i feel though? or is that too far?

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