Parents dont want me to meet my online boyfriend. What do I do?

Hi so Im 18 years and I met this guy from Australia 2 years ago. We've been friends since then and January this year we started dating. We Skype almost every night and is in a healthy relationship. He's planning to see me March of next year. We're both really excited to finally have the time to do it since were both busy with college. I introduced him to my parents on Skype and told them his plan to visit. They dont like it and said I shouldn't see him. I dont know what to do. I really like this guy but I still dont want my parents to loose their trust on me. Any advice please? It would mean a lot to me


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  • You never know who's behind the screen and don't know there real intentions as the saying goes "women can fake an orgasm but men can fake a relationship "

    • We Skype for a few hours when we can. Send letters to each other. I've met his family over Skype too. So I knks he's a real person. But thank you for that :) i hope everyone is aware of this fact. Especially young women.

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    • @cinderelli C'est la vie, all that matters that people should stay safe and unharmed or else they become husks of their former self

    • true that..

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  • there is always a bit of nervousness when you are meeting someone for the first time.. even if you didn't meet them online.. invite him home. so your parents can see what type of guy he is

    • Thank you :) you're right. I guess meeting through Skype isn't enough.

    • you are welcome.. :)

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  • Keep anyone of boyfriend or parents happy.. In a try of keeping both happy you can lose both's happiness nd trust.. That's my own experience

  • Well it's good you Skype and actually see him. I just read about this old pervert that lured girls on facebook in with young teenager selfies he found off the internet. I can't believe people like that even exist.

    • Yes truly disgusting. Its some pedo's way into getting young girls easily. Yea we Skype for a few hours when we can. Send letters to each other and stuff.

    • Well you're in college, you can make your own decisions in my opinion with or without your parents approval.

  • One of my friends had the same situation. He and his online chick solved the problem by having the first meet up with her parents, so they could see what kind of guy he is.

  • Your parents don't trust him yet.. This is what happened when I was introduced to my ex parents. They thought I still have to hit university and when that happens I might leave my girlfriend for some other chick. Parents have major trust issues so unless they don't meet this guy in fact it's too early for them to approve of him. Like he should have a job and stuff depending which culture you represent.


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