Why hasn't he call back after the third date?

So I went on three dates with this guy. And I think he kinda likes me because he's always find the chance to get closer to me (kind of like closer than how two people will be) and touch my hand and stuff and guide me in a crowd. And sometimes he pinches my cheeks and teases me. And also, there's never an awkward situation between us. We always have things to talk about, that ranges from school, travel, animals, life. All this. And talking to him and spending time with him is really nice. All three dates he initiated and asked me out. But after the third date, he never text me back he just sent a snapchat each night saying stuff like "goodnight!" It has been three days since the date. Does he not want to talk to me anymore? Perhaps he doesn't like me already?


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  • I don't know, ask him


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