What to do after a hook up?

So recently, I hooked up with a girl, who is an old friend of mines. Few days after we chatted through Facebook, and she wanted to see me more often. I agreed but I specifically told her not the current week, since I am busy with finals. Now that my finals are done, I told her that I am free, but she would "let me know" when she is free. It's been 1 to 2 weeks now, and I dunno what to do. Is she misleading me? Or is she just really busy? In the meantime, how should I deal with this, when I started to have interest on dating her?

P. s. She lost her phone, and the only way I can contact her is through Facebook.


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  • It could be she was just looking for a friend with benefits situation, or just needed to release some stress. What happens the next time she contacts you and you get together will give you a better idea.

    • Thanks for the comment! Well, I dunno for now. I'm not quite the guy who hooks up that often, cuz of my moral principle. Maybe I'm playing the fool for looking something more

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