Tips on first possible relationship/crush?

I liked my crush since I was a freshman in highschool and he was a sophomore in highschool. He showed me clear signs that he might have feeings for me back (like Staring and smiling at me) but, I was too scared of getting hurt again that I didn't give the right body language that expresses how I feel about him.

When I was a sophomore and he was a junior in highschool, he definetely noticed I might have feelings for him by attending everyone of his concerts. I made him a Hanukkah card since he's jewish when I usually make Chirstmas cards for everyone and gave it to him before we went on Christmas break.

I wrote in the card on how I thought that he's really cool, talented, and funny and how I hope to get to know him more. That was basically the last time I said anything to him because I was still to scared to say anything after that.

Now, I'm a junior and he's a senior in highschool and the year started by him still showing me signs that he might like me back but, I let my fear get the best of me by not talking to him and walkiing away fast when I was near him because one of my friends like to push me towards him. He doesn't look at me like he did much anymore and I haven't seen him very much this year.

Now I feel like I messed up everything and I was wondering what I should do because this doesn't happen often to me.


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  • The best advice is to take it slow and don't overreact over every little thing

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