How do I get over my fears of singing and dancing in front of my boyfriend?

I've been with him for almost five years so by all means these fears should have diminished at least a little bit. He has caught me singing before and said he liked my voice and he has caught me dancing as well and said he wishes I would dance for him. I don't know if I am intimidated because he is in a band so he has an amazing voice. And at all his shows there are women dancing like skanks, moving in ways I didn't know possible. I'm not a provocative dancer in the least bit. But I don't know if it is these things that make me insecure? I've never had a problem singing or dancing in front of anyone else. I've always been told I was a great dancer and I for offered 10+ solos while in choir. How do I get over these little insecurities of mine and show him what I can do?


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  • It's just the two of you


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