Girls, help me out pleaseee :) ?

Okay so im a 17 year old guy and im pretty chilled, but when i start talking to girls i just go blank and i become very awkward. I am not confident in myself around girls and its getting very frustrating. to be fair im not much to look at which could be why girls don't seem as interested in me as they do all my friends. I have been told that i am very sweet and a nice guy which is why i always get "friend zoned" (which i think is a nice way to say that im too ugly to date).

How would you want a guy who is awkward to talk to you? How can i improve just holding a simple conversation with a girl because thats all i want haha. sorry if the question is really vague but yeah any advice would be nice :) thank you


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  • well you can work on your physical appearance... its pretty easy if you try or join a sport. But humor can be a turn on and if your nice. Sometimes as a teen girls won't look for the nice guy they look for the bad boy. So once your older girls will start to notice the nice good humored, caring dudes. Your only 17 its fine, you have time


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  • Umm I don't really know, just try to project confidence and eventually you will be confident around girls... girls find confidence in a guy very sexy by the way

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