What does he want from me?

So this guy I originally met about 8 years ago and had a great time with, started to fall in love with and then something happened and we lost contact with each other. 3 years ago he finds me on facebook, but I was in a relationship (one on the verge of ending) but we still saw each other. He tells me he loves me and wants to be with me, but 3 months later for reasons he moves out of state. We stop talking for a while, and I meet someone new and begin dating him. About 6 months later he contacts me again, which then gets me all confused with my feelings all over again. He ends up moving back and saying it's because he wanted to be with me. I'm already with someone though so it wasn't really something I could do. I know that the fact that I had a boyfriend and cont to talk to him was wrong, but it's more complicated then it sounds I'm just not going to get into all that. Anyways fast forward to the past year, we've talked off and on this whole time. This most recent time has been the most confusing to me. I now am single and available and it seems like he has no interest in being more than friends with benefits now. He did have a girlfriend himself for about 6 months late last year and she broke his heart apparently so now I'm just not sure if that's why he's distancing himself or what the hell it is he wants. When we spend time together we always have fun and it's not like we're just sleeping together. I sometimes stay the night and everything is great, but if I'm not with him I rarely hear from him, and every other time before when we talked he would text me and actually show interest even when we weren't together and I'm just really confused. I do know that he has issues with showing emotion at all, but is there any hope for a future with him or am I just wasting my time and feelings on someone who isn't ever going to give me the same in return?


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  • He wants something to do.


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