Does being low key work?

So been friends with this girl for 5 months and I've been trying to get her to be my girl. I've always been the one initiating conversations and texting first. Taken her out many times. Everthing was going well. Recently she seems standoffish. Her BFF tells me she still likes me, but she's not showing it. I was wondering if not having any kind of communication with her be it texting or dating work? Also if I don't post ANYTHING on social media will it work? Maybe she would wonder what I'm up too? Or will it just push her away. Don't want to loose this girl.


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  • Try going for a small reset. Ghost for a few days, then ask her out for an evening set the date for another few days to a week later, then go quiet except to keep aligned on your date. Then on the date make sure she knows you are into her cause it sounds like she is not really sure if you are interested in her or not assuming that her BFF is right.

    • Thanks for the Great idea. Her BFF also told me that she has been hurt before. And doesn't want the same thing to happen when I'm with her. :/ she puts up like an emotional wall up. Whatever that means.

    • Just be sure to respond to her if she reaches out to you, don't ignore her.

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